Construction Accident

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Construction Accident

A Dangerous Occupation That Causes Serious Injuries

Construction workers are at very high risk for accidents and injuries. The nature of the work is extremely dangerous. Elevated heights, falling objects, heavy equipment and tools, and workers with various levels of training are only some of the dangers. In many instances, when a construction accident occurs, the responsibility may lie with several parties.

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Construction Injuries

Construction accidents often cause very serious injuries, including:

  • Electrocution and burns
  • Amputations and broken bones
  • Back and spinal injuries (paraplegia, quadriplegia)
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Tendon, ligament and joint damage
  • Loss of sight or hearing

These injuries may cause temporary or permanent disability or wrongful death.

Who Is at Fault?

A construction site usually has many employers, employees and contractors on the job. There are also a lot of tools and equipment onsite. Negligence by a third-party employer or an injury caused by a defective product may mean multiple sources of liability. I will work with engineering experts to determine the cause of your injury and hold the liable parties responsible.

Common types of construction site accidents include:

  • Falls from ladders and scaffolding
  • Defective tools and machinery
  • Being struck by bulldozers and backhoes
  • Heavy equipment collapses
  • Contact with power lines or natural gas lines


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